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Fast Acting Electrolyte Replacement Powder Australia

SOS is a rehydration drink formulated on proven medical and sports science. SOS Rehydrate electrolyte powder is a great recovery sports drink that will keep you hydrated and feeling great for your daily grind!

There are different types of fluids for hydration. But SOS Hydration has 3x times more electrolytes than the industry leading sports drinks. The most advanced electrolyte powder dissolves in seconds, so you don’t have to wait to get rehydrated! Try the EPIC taste of SOS rehydration electrolyte drink today!

With 5x times less sugar than the average sports drinks, SOS is designed for health-conscious active lifestyle people and professional athletes for rapid, healthier, safer and more affordable hydration alternative to other rehydration drinks in Australia.

SOS is manufactured and Packaged in the USA.

Best Rehydration Drink | Electrolyte Replacement Powder

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