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After Drinking Alcohol What to Do?

What to do after drinking alcholThe world has been taken by storm by electrolytes and their importance and more often than not, if you are not a fitness fanatic, it is highly likely that you may not be aware of the benefits. For those of you who known to attend a party or two (we wouldn’t say party animal) and enjoy an occasional alcoholic beverage or two, you will be surprised to know that electrolytes can be important in helping to hydrate your way back to your best and minimise the effects of feeling unwell (sometimes referred to as a hangover)

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What Does Electrolytes Have To Do in helping with Excessive Alcohol?

It is no secret that when you have had that one too much the night before the resultant dehydration that alcohol can have on your system can lead to the effects that make you feel as though you are suffering from a dreaded hangover. Sometimes the toxic nature of excess means you have feelings of sickness that can cause dehydration, in particular if you have had to go to the bathroom multiple times or have had any sickness, which also can increase the effects of dehydration. Your hangover could well be a result of an electrolyte imbalance that has led to dehydration. Now we need to know how to help minimise the effects as much as possible to make you feel like you have a fix that works.

How Will Electrolytes Help Me To Prevent Or Cure A Hangover?

If you want to sidestep that miserable feeling or that stampeding headache, the secret is simple. Make sure you keep your fluid intake in relation to your output in balance. This ultimately does not mean you can consume more alcohol. It means you have to replace the fluids you lose through frequent urination and possible sickness with clean pure water. As for the electrolytes you lose during this process, it is unlikely that you will be able to do much about that in the moment.

The morning after the night before you can reach out for an electrolyte rehydration drink. A concentrated hydration drink with Electrolytes such as SOS Hydration should be your first choice of hydration boost. SOS tastes great and is light and easy to consume when you feel you literally do not have the want to drink anything.

You do not need to resort to the various and sometimes hideous concoctions that apparently will make you feel better. Energy drinks might give you the kick you need to stay awake at least to get through the day, but with all the stimulants and high content of sugar, it will not do much for your poor hydration state.

In order to treat your poor hydration state you need to consume a hypotonic electrolyte drink such as SOS Hydration. An electrolyte rehydration drink will optimise and speed up your rehydration tempo. The great news about is because it is hypotonic, it is rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream meaning fast action at hydrating. There has been a recent trend towards IV drips, however there is no need for something so extreme when you have a hypotonic hydration solution. An electrolyte booster should contain all the required electrolytes that you lost during your festivities in the correct proportions to provide you with speedy and correct rehydration that will lift the dark cloud of a hangover quickly and effectively.

For a hydration booster to energise you and get you back on your feet, there should only be one choice. SOS Hydration

*Although all care is taken to be correct in the information of this article, it should not be regarded as medical advice. In no way irresponsible or illegal drinking is promoted or advocated, in spite of the advice that is provided.

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