"SOS rehydrates you three times faster than drinking water alone, and beats all competing hydration drinks in all metrics." - Dr. Blanca Mayo


No matter what we do in our everyday life, be it working, enjoying the outdoors, taking a road trip, doing some shopping, taking part in sports, exercising, or simply just walking from point A to B it is highly likely that you will use energy and depending on how intense or demanding the activity is, along with the weather conditions, chances are that you will perspire and lose some water and electrolytes.

Best Rehydration Drink AustraliaELECTROLYTE REPLACEMENT

Typically we lose electrolytes and water due to:

  • Sweating
  • Breathing
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhoea
  • Fever
  • Poor diet
  • Certain medications for heart disease, hormonal disorders, or for cancer treating
  • Kidney diseases
  • Chemotherapy

Typical signs that you are losing too much electrolytes:

  • Excessive fatigue in relation to the activity level
  • Headaches
  • Muscle cramps
  • Dark urine
  • Decline in urination
  • Decline in sweating

Can you relate to any of these symptoms? There are is a huge selection of hydration solutions. The question is which one of the many available is best for hydrating adults?


There are brand names that are very popular and available at just about any beverage selling place. They are especially popular for their great taste, often as a result of the large amount of sugar that is not always ideal.

Apart from the sugar content, they come ready to drink that can take up too much space when you are travelling or out of house. There are rehydration drinks available in powder or drop form that you just need to add to water. This might be convenient, but the question is are any of these products formulated correctly to successfully treat dehydration and electrolyte deficiency?

When you choose the best hydration drink for adults consider the following before you you’re your choice.

  1. Check the sugar content: Sugar, natural or artificial can make dehydration worse. With too much sugar in the drink, it more often than not, deprives your body of the exact electrolytes you are attempting to replenish. Too much sugar over a period will also cause your body to become more acidic.
  2. Check that the most important electrolytes are included – electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphates, and bicarbonate should be all there.
  3. Natural ingredients: The best way to be sure that you are on the right path is to choose a hydration and electrolyte drink that contains ingredients that you are familiar with and that you can actually pronounce. Once artificial colouring such as caramel, blue 1 and 2, red 3 and 40, yellow 5 and 6, green 3, citrus red 2, and orange B are used, you must know it is not the healthiest choice. The same goes for artificial sweeteners; are used, you need to reconsider.
  4. No vegetable oils: brominated vegetable oil that assists in keeping the drink mixed to prevent sediments forming and make it clear is also not the best option to choose.
  5. Containing caffeine: caffeine does not pose any benefits to Hydration or replace electrolytes therefore it does not supply the body with the elements it needs. Drinks with high caffeine content can even have laxative consequence that will only worsen the dehydration.

SOS Hydration is the ideal hydration booster drink with electrolytes that is scientifically formulated to meet your hydration needs. The most effective hydration formulas and rehydration drinks are in line with UNICEF and WHO standards, check out your hydration choice and see if they meet the WHO guidelines.

Another important factor in ensuring correct rehydration therapy is to choose an electrolyte drink that has the correct balance of glucose and electrolytes with the correct osmolarity to increase the rehydration rate.

Finding the best hydration solution for adults is actually very simple with SOS Hydration.

Best! Electrolyte Drink Solution for You! - SOS Hydration Australia
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