"SOS rehydrates you three times faster than drinking water alone, and beats all competing hydration drinks in all metrics." - Dr. Blanca Mayo

Why Electrolyte Drinks for Dehydration Is Important

Dehydration Treatment Electrolyte DrinkWhen you become dehydrated, there can be many different reasons why this has occurred, however the effects are always similar. The major consideration is to rehydrate as quickly as possible by replacing the fluids and electrolytes you have lost. A good quality electrolyte drink like SOS Hydration will help you to not only replace the lost fluids and electrolytes, but will also have an osmolarity rate that ensures rapid absoption, hopefully meaning you can avoid something more invasive to rehydrate, such as an IV drip.

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Electrolyte drinks also help to prevent dehydration in the first place so it is important to consume it if you know you are going to be physically active in hot humid weather for more any length of time. When you realise you are becoming thirsty, it means that your hydration levels are already starting to drop and you are in fact starting to dehydrate. This is it the ideal time to have an SOS Hydration drink.

Be Careful
Be mindful when you make your selection of electrolyte drinks. It is important to drink electrolyte beverages with the right balance of salt or sugar. Both of these minerals out of a good proportion can cause dehydration also.

Why is water not enough to rehydrate?

Even when you are sick with diarrhoea or running a high fever your body loses fluids and electrolytes. Drinking plain water is not always good enough, especially when you have lost electrolytes, typically electrolytes can be lost through sweating or sickness related incidents like vomiting, or diarrhoea.

Why do you need an electrolyte drink?

When we take part in demanding physical activities, or we are outdoors in extreme weather, we not only lose body fluids, but also electrolytes. These electrolytes have critical functions to fulfil in our bodies. The correct balance of electrolytes also helps your body to rehydrate either efficiently or faster than normal.

Becoming dehydrated has a number of effects on your body and can impair your normal activities greatly, not to mention the adverse effects of dehydration on athletes, children, and the elderly. If not treated promptly from the onset, dehydration can become very serious.

When you are participating in certain activities such as sports or work activities, it is important to know if the conditions mean you could suffer from possible dehydration. You should keep up your electrolyte balance during your activities along with your fluids, and replenish it afterwards with a good high quality electrolyte drink such as SOS Hydration.

When you have no control over your dehydration state such in the event of illness or severe weather conditions, refuelling your body with an electrolyte can aid your performance significantly. A hydration booster with electrolytes such as SOS Hydration is the first step to take. SOS Hydration is able to rehydrate your body with the correct amount of electrolytes and can provide you with a highly effective hydration strategy.

[Why?] Why Electrolyte Drinks for Dehydration Is Important!
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