Sports Drinks

What are the different types of sports drinks?

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There are three different types of sports drinks and each have a specific benefit. It is important to understand what each mean and do in order to reap optimum benefits from it.

  • Isotonic

Isotonic sports drinks have the same concentration as your body fluids and can therefore be absorbed rapidly or even faster than water. Isotonic drinks are ideal to refuel and rehydrate your body.

  • Hypotonic

The fragment “hypo” refers to something being less. Hypotonic thus means that it contains fewer electrolytes and sugars than typical body fluids and can therefore be absorbed more rapid than normal water. SOS falls in this category.

  • Hypertonic

The term hyper refers to something being more than or bigger than something. Where beverages are considered it will be something like lemonade, fruit juice, or cola. Because these beverages are way more concentrated than our normal body fluids, it will be absorbed at a slower rate and therefore the speed at what fluids are absorbed and replaced are fairly slower. Typically hypertonic drinks are not suitable for fluid and electrolyte replacement with physical activity.

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