Sports Drinks

When should I drink sports drinks? During, before or after physical activities?

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The main objective is to start with physical activities completely hydrated. Your body cannot take in carbohydrates optimally if it is not properly hydrated. Therefore even if you consume plenty of sports drinks, it will only have a restricted effect.

The ideal is to hydrate your body properly three to four hours before physical activity. It is recommended that you drink water about 7ml for every kilogram of your weight. If your urine is still colored, you can drink an additional 5ml per kilogram of your weight. If you weigh 100kg it means that you should drink 700ml of fluids in the preceding three to four hours.

Although sports drinks might help to increase your carbohydrate supply, pure water will be sufficient too. SOS is the perfect solution to increase your body’s ability to hydrate and replenish with the right amount of electrolytes and nutrients needed.

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