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Buy VFuel Australia Endurace Energy Gel - Salted Caramel Apple Flavour

VFuel Salted Caramel Apple Endurance Energy Gel 6 Pack


SOS recommends fructose-free energy gel by VFuel.

Available Flavours: Cool Citrus, Mountain Berry, Vanilla, Salted Caramel Apple, Fudge Brownie, Peach Cobbler

6 pack of VFuel Endurance Energy Gel Sachets

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Product Description

Our newest flavour, Salted Caramel Apple, is Fructose Free, Gluten free and Vegan, just like all our products*. According to VFuel Co-founder, Alan Smith, “It turned out even better than I had hoped, and is my favourite flavour now. We also were able to get the sharp edges rounded out on these”, which means new flavour and improved packaged. WHOOP! Other reviews are saying exactly the same things: move over everything else and make way for the king of gels.

Salted Caramel Apple VFuel is flavoured with a organic, natural Caramel and organic, natural Apple flavour that offers a true flavour experience with a bit of added salt in there to round out this remarkable flavour of the best endurance gel on the planet.

Every packet of VFuel contains 1275 mg of our VFuel Endurance Formula, giving you the proper nutrition you need to train day after day, mile after mile, year after year. Taste, Quality, Performance; you no longer have to choose.

How to use: Take one serving 15 minutes before your workout/race. Then take one serving every 30/45 minutes as you see fit. Always follow with water.

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Buy VFuel Salted Caramel Apple Endurance Energy Gel 6 Pack
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